I really enjoyed this book overall. I thought that it was very well written, but there were parts that were very easy to predict. That was the only thing that I didn’t like about it. At some parts it was just like any other teen book that you would read. So, I didn’t like that aspect.

It’s a good story that’s very action packed. It is about a boy named Day and a girl named June. The story is told from both their sides and switches between both stories every chapter. But, both Day and June couldn’t be more opposite from each other. Day is is a criminal who no one knows exactly what he looks like. No one has been able to capture him and he’s been living on the road for years. June is a very privileged girl who is 14 and is going to college because she scored so high on her exam. The highest you can get on the exam is a 1500 and that’s exactly what she got.

So, both are totally opposites, but their stories start to come together after something bad happens with June’s brother. Day is made out to be the killer of her brother because he was the last person who was seen with him. At first I couldn’t believe that because he seemed like he would be an important part of the series. But that’s until we find out that Day isn’t the one who stilled him. It was actually Day’s brothers best friend. Though Day is thrown in jail for this, and many other things. June soon finds out that Day was not the one who killed him.

I had a feeling at some point that Day and June would start to like each other. I don’t want to say that they fell in love though, because I don’t believe that they did. I think that it was just one of those things were they had a deep connection when they first met. It was just something that happened between them. And I think that because the Republic is such a terrible place, and Day and June lost so much that they were able to find solace with each other. They could connect because they both lost a lot a lot and could rely on each other. Sometimes it made me sad reading the books because I felt so bad for both characters, and I also wanted to kill some of the other characters!

I think that Rick Grimes is able to show how I did feel about those characters! But I did really like Day’s character. I think that I just felt so bad for him, that I just was able to really feel for him. I think that at times June was just a tad annoying because she was so confused about what to do with Day and the whole Republic. But, Day was such a kickass character that you couldn’t hate him. All the crimes that he did, he never killed. That is the one thing that no one ever got, but he still never did. And he was a caring person under the hard exterior that he had on the streets.

So, overall I thought that this was an amazing book, and you should totally check it out, because it’s worth the read. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t pick this book up before! If you do read this, then you won’t be disappointed!