So, I know that this book is older but I decided that I would review it since I never have and thought that it was about time!

I would have to say that this is probably my all time favorite book from the series. I mean it was the first one that I read. At the time they didn’t have the first one in the library, so I just got the second one, and from there I just fell in love. I loved the fact that they are thrown back into the arena, but they have to really work together. And I just think that it was the first good dystopian novel that I read, that I honestly really fell in love with. Many of the books that I was reading at the time weren’t that good, so I was finally glad to be able to pick up a book and not want to put it down.

Had I read the first book first, I’m sure that I would have been very shocked that Katniss, Peeta, or Haymitch had to go back into the arena. I mean it’s a huge thing since these people who are the victors aren’t supposed to have to ever fight in something like this again. That was the whole point in winning The Games. Getting the riches was just another perk of not having your name being drawn each year.

I think that another thing I really enjoyed were the characters. I felt like Katniss and Peeta were more mature after I read the first book. Like the first time they were just these scared kids, but now they are something more than that. They are ready to fight because they know that they are the reason they are really being thrown back into the arena. Since they know that, they know that the president is waiting for them to die, but they can’t let that happen. I also felt that Katniss had more of a reason to stay alive. She wanted to for the sake of Petta, because she had to protect him, but was ready to die so he could win the whole thing.

I LOVED the Katniss and Peeta relationship. I was pretty much rooting for them the whole time because I’ve loved them together from the start. I honestly didn’t like Gale that much, I thought that he was just a baby the whole time. I get that he’s had to work hard to even get food on his table, but I just didn’t like his character that much. And I felt like he was always feeling sorry for himself, so that was another thing that I did hate about him.


Yes, I do wish that was me like many other girls!
I think that Katniss overall is a very brave girl and that’s why I like her character so much. I’ve always hated reading those books where they have the girl characters being the ones who need help. Well, we know that Katniss isn’t like that. And I also think that Haymitch was a little more bearable in this book than the first one. Since I read this one first, I thought that he was a pretty good guy, but I hated him in the first book. I honestly thought that he was an awful man.

Another thing that I really liked was the arena, I thought that it was good. There was something about it that I liked more, I thought that it was better than the first one that they had. I mean the characters really had to try and find the resources that they needed, but it also had many different ascents, like the different hours and the terror that it brings. So, I thought that was pretty awesome!

So, my overall rating for this book is five stars! I think that the book is amazing, and I loved all the characters throughout the story. I think that the new characters in the story really made it enjoyable and that it’s not just the same ones, because sometimes that can get annoying.