Alan Rickman was one of the most beloved characters that was written in the Harry Potter books as professor Snape. While some loved to hate him, you couldn’t because of how much his character did care about Harry. His character was one that I believe was the best written. Most of the time you think of him as the man who is conspiring with Voldemort, but in reality he isn’t, and you see the pain of his character and everything that he goes through.

  1. Ahh yes, this is what I think is the most iconic moment in the whole movie franchise. I mean when you think of Professor Snape, who doesn’t think “turn to page 394….”

2. When Snape get’s personal with Harry and tells him that he has his mothers eyes. This part always got me because you can see the pain in his eyes, and all the suffering that he really went through. I think that this was the moment that I knew Snape really was the good guy.

3. When Snape would have Harry and Ron in class, and all the times that he would end up slapping them on the back of the head. I swear it happened every class!

4. When Snape was talking with Dumbledore and we find out that Snape’s patronus is a doe like Lily Potter’s was. And we see how in love he was with Lily. “After all the time? Always.”

5. When Snape helped save Ron, Harry, and Hermonie from Lupin when he was a wolf. We know that Snape pretty much hated them together, but when this happened it was kind of an eye opener because even though he didn’t like them, he put himself in danger to save them.

6. Harry trying to fight Snape after he killed Dumbledore. Even though Harry watched him kill Dumbledore, Snape didn’t try to fight back though Harry had been trying to use Snape’s own spells against him.

7. When Snape helps Harry out in this first year. When Harry is playing Quittich it’s obvious that somethings been happening and someone is trying to sabbose Harry. While everyone thinks that it’s Snape because he’s the bad guy, he was actually really just trying to help Harry out.

8. Everything he does is out of his love for Lily. No matter what Snape is doing, it’s always out of his love for Lily. And even if that means helping out Harry, he doesn’t care because he would want to make her happy.

9 . You never know what to expect with him. You never know what you can expect when it comes to Snape. When you would read or watch him on the screen, you never knew what side of Snape you would get.

10. He didn’t care that Harry was famous. He kind of kept Harry grounded when it came to him being famous for his scar. No matter who ‘famous’ Harry was, he didn’t buy into it. And he made sure that he pretty much kept Potter grounded.

11.He was very loyal. No matter what anyone says, Snape was always loyal to Hogwarts, and he would put himself into danger if need be to make sure that it would stay safe.

12. His ‘look’. Snape just had that look that he would give, and you could tell that from that one look, he didn’t give a s**t. It was hilarious just to watch!

13. And lastly he went from I believe being the most hated, to being the most loved. After seeing the journey that Snape’s characters took, you really hated him in the beginning for all the things that he did, but by the end you understood him. And you could understand why he did the things that he did.