When I grew up, I never really liked to read all that much. I remember my grandma would sit me down every day and make me read from this book that my parents bought me at Costco. It was pretty much torture for me because I just wanted to play with my friends there. That was the worst part about my day. Reading that book and the “Dick and Jane” books, but my grandma loved to make me read out loud every day.

I always grew up around books though. I can’t recall a time when there weren’t tons of books in my house. But, as I started to get older, I realized how much I wanted to read more. I would go to the library during the summer when I was in middle school and take out tons and tons of books to just read. And the older I got, the more I started to get into reading. When I first moved to Connecticut, one of the first things that I did was get a library card because I knew that I would be there all the time, and I am.

I think for me that reading is able to take me someplace that I would never be able to go. You can explore Hogwarts with Harry which is something that every kid wants. And something that you can’t really do unless you head to Hogwarts in Orlando, Fla. But more than that, I’ve always just thought that reading was fun. It’s nice to sit down with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day and read a good book. Or in my case lots and lots of comics. And I’m sure that’s why when I was a kid in school and we got to read for free time that I was happy. Most of the kids thought that it was stupid, but I loved it. I always wanted to try and finish my work as fast as I could so that I could go and read.

And while some people might think that it’s stupid to read, I just believe that they haven’t found the right book yet. I’m sure that they hear that all the time, but it’s so true. I knew that when I started to read it was because I was enjoying the books that I was reading. It wasn’t something that was a chore. Because I know that if I am forced to read something, then I hate it. I can’t stand to read something that I’m told to. So, if you think that there aren’t any good books out there, it’s probably because you haven’t been able to find a book that you enjoy yet.

So, I read because it makes me happy and takes me to places that I would never be able to go before. Being able to read is like an outlet for me, one that I don’t think will ever change. Reading is something that I will always love, and something that I will always make sure that I have time for.